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Boutique Hotels In Victoria

boutique hotels in victoria

    boutique hotels
  • Boutique hotel is a term popularized in North America and the United Kingdom to describe intimate, usually luxurious or quirky hotel environments.

  • (Boutique Hotel) A hotel with a very unique design and decor, which is usually independent of other hotel chains.

  • A small stylish hotel, typically one situated in a fashionable urban location

  • (Boutique Hotel) A boutique hotel is a small property, typically offering an enhanced level of service and marketed to the affluent.

  • A light four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with a collapsible hood, seats for two passengers, and an elevated driver's seat in front

  • (Roman mythology) goddess of victory; counterpart of Greek Nike

  • a waterfall in the Zambezi River on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia; diminishes seasonally

  • queen of Great Britain and Ireland and empress of India from 1837 to 1901; the last Hanoverian ruler of England (1819-1901)

'Woodville' - Simla - 1938

'Woodville' - Simla - 1938

The Mall, Simla.
The original 'Woodville' had been the residence of the British Commanders-in-Chief in India from 1865 to 1881. Located at the extreme south-eastern end of the Mall and set amongst the cedars, the property was purchased in 1926 by the Gondal of Gujurat, His Highness Maharaja Sir Bhagvat Singh and given to his daughter, Rani Leila Ba of Jubbal in 1930.

The old mansion was demolished by the Raja Rana of Jubbal State Sir Bhagat Chand who built the present structure as a summer palace for the Jubbal Royal Family and renamed it 'Woodville Palace'. The family resided here until 1977, when Raj Kumar Uday Singh , the grandson of Raja Rana Sir Bhagat Chand, converted part of 'Woodville' into a hotel.

It is a wonderful boutique hotel with plenty of character. The hotel's website carries the following endorsement from seasoned India traveller and author William Dalrymple:-

"The Woodville Palace Hotel, home of the Maharaja of Jubbal, is another survival. You sit in the Tiger Lounge and take in the sightless eyes of the tigers which stare down at you; below is a signed daguerrotype picture of Queen Victoria, The Sultan of Johore, Malaysia, and of Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur. In the hall, are two signed pictures of the Viceroy of India, Lord Willingdon and his Vicerene, Lady Willingdon. Besides these are the signed photographs of Hollywood stars of the thirty's... shooting and snobbery, viceroys and film stars, everything that might interest a 1930's Maharaja is here.”

W Hotel Hong Kong Bliss Spa Pedicure Station

W Hotel Hong Kong Bliss Spa Pedicure Station

This hip, not-your-spa-next-door will help relaxation-craving spa-hoppers unwind like never before at this facial and massage mecca amid spa-some infinity views of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour and spectacular West Kowloon architecture.

Trademark Bliss® touches await at every turn: nine treatment rooms (two VIP doubles), a movie-while-you-manicure nail station, jazzy blues tunes, retail boutique, spa snacks including the legendary Brownie Buffet. Bliss offers hotel guests and Hong Kongers a clever menu of super-effective services such as the ever-popular Ginger Rub, Hangover Herbie, Betweeny Wax and Triple Oxygen Treatment. W Hong Kong guests can look forward to "BIP" (Bliss Important Person) status for priority reservations (that last-minute Blissage75™ may no longer be a mission impossible) and exclusive in-room Bliss bath amenities.

boutique hotels in victoria

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